Orange solid with fringes
Rs. 399

Orange solid shawl with fringes  ..

Embroidered Shawl with Tassels
Rs. 599

Gold and mustard self striped shawl with plain  four side border and two side tassels ..

Black Shawl with Glitter Tassels
Rs. 660

Black solid stole with glitter tassels on the sides  ..

Navy Blue Shawl with Fringes
Rs. 990

Navy blue base shawl with multicoloured floral print on four sides and tassels on two sides. &..

Purple Satin Shawl
Rs. 499

Purple Solid satin shawl with fringes  ..

Metallic Blue Shawl with Tassels
Rs. 499

Light metallic blue satin shawl with tassels ..

Gold-Green Shawl
Rs. 399

Goldish green rough pashmina shawl  with tassels  ..

Light Pink Shawl with Tassels
Rs. 399

Light pink bubble gum colour shawl with tassels ..

Solid Red Rough Feel Shawl
Rs. 399

Red solid rough pashmina shawl with tassels ..

Light Yellow Shawl with Tassels
Rs. 399

Light yellow solid pashmina shawl with tassels ..

Shaded Satin Shawl with Fringes
Rs. 499

Pinkish Red satin shawl with fringes ..

Lilac Shawl with Fringes
Rs. 499

Lilac solid shawl with fringes ..

Classic Golden Stole with Tassels
Rs. 399

Solid sober gold stole with tassels. ..

Multicoloured Soft Shawl
Rs. 499

Purple, pink and white shaded  soft shawl with tassels ..

Shaded Shawl with Tassels
Rs. 550

Shaded soft shawl with colours of beige and cream with tassels ..